General Medicine & Diabetology

The Department of General Medicine & Diabetology provide multi-disciplinary care to patients in all groups diagnosed with chronic ailments. The department is well equipped and supported by all diagnostic services to manage patients with all chronic health conditions including diabetes, asthma, allergy, infectious diseases etc.The department provide clinical support to other departments by medically managing the patients who have undergone complex surgical procedures. 

A General Physician will assess the overall health of a patient and will conduct tests to identify the disease which will be either managed by them or with the involvement of other Specialists wherever required. 

The department at PARCO consist of full-fledged General Medicine OPD, IPD, Lab Services, Radiology, Medical Intensive Care Unit, 24 X 7 pharmacy and Emergency Services. 


Dr. Naseer P

Sr. Consultant – General Medicine & Diabetology

Dr. Afeefa Adiyalath

Associate Consultant - General Medicine & Diabetology

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