The field of medicine has made advances by leaps and bounds, which has mirrored in the speciality of Otorhinolaryngology or ENT to a commendable extent. From the traditional conservative managements to Lasers, Hopkin rod endoscopes and image guidance systems, ENT has grown to become a fully modernized branch.
Our Department of ENT at PARCO is equipped with all the modern day tools and technologies to aid in comprehensive management of every clinical conditions related to Ear, Nose, Throat, Head and Neck region and is run by a professional and efficient team of nurses, audiologists, therapists and technicians lead by experienced ENT surgeons. The department comprises of Out Patient bays, Endoscopy cluster, Audiology Speech and Language Pathology unit, Minor operation theatre and a state of art ENT Exclusive Operation Theatre. 
Working as a referral centre in the area we are happy to serve patients who need precise work up, regular follow up and timely management as in cases of congenital deafness, speech development delay, allergic conditions of nose and throat, tonsil and adenoid diseases, vertigo, tinnitus, nasal polyposis, chronic sinusitis, chronic otitis media, Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, thyroid disorders, neck swellings, voice disorders, nasolacrimal duct obstruction, chronic headache etc. Operation Theatre and Anaesthesia Department are fully functional to take up indicated disease conditions requiring surgeries in a time bound manner. Planned day care surgeries are performed for selected conditions which does not require any admission in the hospital.

Services offered:

  • Endoscopy Cluster:
  •  Diagnostic Nasal Endoscopy
  • Video Laryngoscopy
  •  Otoendoscopy
  •  Minor Ear and Nose endoscopic procedures (wax removal, foreign body removal, cauterisation)
  • Vertigo Clinic with Vestibular and Canalolith Repositioning Maneuver exercise demonstration lab.
  •  Audiology, Speech and Language Pathology Unit
  • Hearing tests: PTA, Impedance audiometry, Oto Acoustic Emissions (OAE).
  •  Hearing Aid trial, dispensation and servicing.
  • Voice assessment and therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Migraine and Headache Clinic
  • State of art Operation Theatre
  •  Endoscopic Nose Surgeries (FESS, Endoscopic Dacryocystorhinostomy.)
  • Nasal septal correction surgeries
  • Microscopic ear surgeries (Tympanoplasty, Mastoidectomy and Reconstructions)
  •  Endoscopic Tympanoplasty
  • Myringotomy and Grommet insertion
  • Ear lobe repair and reconstruction.
  • Microlaryngeal Surgeries
  • Direct Laryngoscopy, Esophagoscopy.
  • Head and Neck Surgeries (Thyroid, Parotid.)
  • Paediatric ENT Surgeries (Tonsil and Adenoid Surgeries, Tongue tie release, Myringotomy, Foreign body removal.)
  •  Ear pinna and lobe repair and reconstruction.
  • Endoscopic, Laryngoscopic and Open Biopsy.


Dr. Risvana P.P

Associate Consultant

Dr. Anand Krishnan

Associate Consultant

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